Limited Lifetime Warranty for Stainless Steel Drinkware 

For the lifetime of the product, Indigo Falls will replace our stainless steel drinkware if the thermal performance does not meet the Indigo Falls thermal standards as confirmed by Indigo Falls. Proof of purchase is required. Damage due to improper care, such as using a dishwasher, and normal wear and tear such as nicks, dents, chips, fading or peeling, will not be replaced. The decorative surface is not covered by this warranty. This warranty does not apply to glassware, ceramic mug, lids, straw and/or other accessories. If a product is confirmed by us to not meet Indigo Falls thermal performance standards, it will be replaced with a similar product in the same size. If we no longer carry the design you purchased, we will replace your product with a non-decorated or as similar as possible product that is currently in our line. Proof of purchase or tumbler registration below is required.

To register your tumbler for its warranty, please complete the form below:

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