Are you gearing up for a graduation party and looking for the perfect way to celebrate your academic achievements? Why not add some extra flair to your festivities with themed drinks that capture the spirit of the occasion? Here are 10 fun graduation drink names that will have your guests raising their glasses in style!

  1. Cap and Cocktail: Kick off your celebration with this classic cocktail that combines the sophistication of a martini with the fun of graduation. Garnish with a mini graduation cap for an extra touch of class.

  2. Diploma Daiquiri: Sip on this fruity favorite as you reminisce about your academic journey. Add a rolled-up piece of paper (or fondant!) tied with a ribbon to mimic a diploma for a whimsical twist.

  3. Summa Cum Slushie: Cool off with this refreshing slushie that pays homage to your academic honors. Blend together your favorite frozen fruits and top with a sprinkle of edible glitter for an extra dose of sparkle.

  4. Pomp and Prosecco: Raise a glass of bubbly to toast your accomplishments with this elegant twist on a classic. Add a splash of your favorite fruit juice for a colorful and celebratory touch.

  5. Grad Grind Espresso: Need a pick-me-up to keep the party going? Sip on this espresso-based drink that will give you the energy to dance the night away. Serve in mini coffee cups for a cute and caffeinated treat.

  6. Valedictorian Virgin Mojito: For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, this refreshing mocktail is sure to please. Muddle together fresh mint and lime, then top with soda water for a zesty and satisfying sip.

  7. Cheers to the Future Fizz: Embrace the excitement of what lies ahead with this fizzy concoction. Mix together your favorite clear soda with a splash of flavored syrup for a drink that’s as sweet as your dreams for the future.

  8. Honors Highball: Raise the bar with this sophisticated highball that’s perfect for toasting your achievements. Mix together your favorite spirit with soda water and a twist of citrus for a refreshing and elegant sip.

  9. Gown and Ginger Ale: Keep it simple and stylish with this easy-to-make mocktail that’s perfect for guests of all ages. Mix together ginger ale with a splash of grenadine for a drink that’s as vibrant as your graduation gown.

  10. Tassel Tequila Sunrise: End the night on a high note with this colorful cocktail that’s as visually stunning as it is delicious. Layer tequila, orange juice, and grenadine for a drink that’s sure to impress.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family or toasting to your own accomplishments, these fun graduation drink names are sure to add some extra sparkle to your special day. Cheers to the Class of 2024 – here’s to your bright future ahead!

April 14, 2024 — Jay Wilcox