It's easy to forget to clean your lid, especially the small parts. However, it's very important to do so to rid your lid of bacteria and viruses. It's also important to do so every time you use your tumbler. So what are some important things to remember when cleaning your Indigo Falls control-flow lid? 

First, please note the lid and its parts are top rack dishwasher safe. As such, we highly recommending buying a top rack dishwasher basket to hold the small parts so they don't get lost in your dishwasher. If you use your tumbler daily, at least once a week, remove the small parts from the lid, including the 0-ring and the inner lid, both of which remove and re-attach easily. Place these in the small-parts dishwasher rack or, if washing by hand, place in a bowl of water with dishwashing soap and like soak for several hours. You can remove the flip lid component as well, but this takes a little more effort but be careful not to be too aggressive so as to avoid breaking the lid. 

Second, if you have straws, don't forget to wash those at the same time. Indigo Falls straws are re-usable and also top rack dishwasher safe. We commend using a small plastic bag to store them or a plastic bin. We have two different sizes depending upon the size tumbler you use. 

Finally, have a few extra lids handy so you have a clean lids available while you wash your dirty lids. We thank you for being a customer!