Ned Young

Ned Young's art is filled with straight forward, truthful images, that are a blend of both memory and a roaming childlike imagination. He has the unique ability to make the viewers of his work feel as though they have actually visited, or participated in the places and emotions he shares. "Magical - how else to describe the ability to convey visually that which is invisible? The feeling of Halloween, the sense of October mornings on a farm, the exhaustion of a farm vehicle that's dutifully performed years of service - these invisible qualities are examples of what Ned Young is able to convey clearly through composition, color, style and technique. When an artist is able to do that - through his handling of the visible, convey the invisible - then he has attained that thing which all great artists have: vision." ART TALK MAGAZINE Ned's paintings hang in private collections throughout the world. Ned and his wife Melanie have three children and live in the small town where they both grew up.

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